Thursday, September 13, 2007

A summertime trip to Iwate Prefecture

A Kappa is a mischevious creature from Japanese folk tales. They live in rivers and resemble frogs.

A river in Iwate Prefecture where Kappa are said to live.

A magariya is a type of old Japanese house.This one is at a cultural park, but in times past, the left side of this house was the horse stable, and the right side where the people lived.

Magariya roof

A fishing boat along the Pacific coast.

Where is Iwate Prefecture?

(Tokyo is number 13. Iwate is number 4)

Want more information about Iwate? See:


T said...

Yay for posting a new post! Im glad to see more pics! Hope you are well. Miss you lots!

Kelly said...

Yeah! I finally get to see your blogspot! What great pics! I looovee the dragons!!

Anonymous said...

Heather; These pictures are stunning and I am so very happy that you are happy!!!!! Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Look at my skinny sister!!