Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A New Mission

Yesterday marked three weeks since we arrived back in the midwest. Until we know what is next, our base is our friends’ basement in small town Illinois. It’s a great arrangement: they let us stay and eat, while we watch their kids and cook. This is not a new arrangement for me; I have done this in Waverly, Lake Mills, and ... well, maybe that’s it. But the arrangement is temporary, so I am job hunting.

I have applied for every job for which I might possibly qualify, although that does not yet include fast food and telemarketing because I don’t know if I’m even qualified for those. However, I landed a summer job teaching Intro to World Religions at a local community college. Of course, I am still looking for something to fill the void before - and after - that interlude in my unemployment.

I thought I would be finished writing my blog when we got back home from Scotland, but then I decided to keep it up. This is going to be a new challenge for me: keeping a blog when I am not out travelling. Adventures in Mission? How about finding adventure in everyday life? The new mission.

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debbiehronek said...

I think your idea of an everyday blog is super .. after all our lives are made up of everyday with spectacular moments thrown in. We miss you, I finally have the Julia Childs cookbooks, so can you come home now and cook from them?? I will continue reading your blogs, I am going backward, but that is me! Deb