Friday, May 18, 2012

The New Phone

A week ago David and I bought a cell phone. We bought the cheapest possible cell phone plan, since you all know how much David and I both love to talk on the phone. We also bought the cheapest possible phone. It’s one of those so-called smart-alek phones, and didn’t come with an instruction manual. Then again, the manual would have been in Japanese and less than helpful. I need all the help I can get trying to use the thing.

The other day my boss called and I couldn’t figure out how to answer the phone. Every now and then a light will blink in the corner; sometimes it’s red, sometimes green. I have no idea what it means. When I am trying to explore the various icons and what they do, I’ll change the look of my phone and be unable to put it back. The good news is we have no data plan, so I can’t run up any charges from accidentally hitting the wrong button. Argh! I’m not a fan of this phone.

This so-called smart-alec phone will be useful, though when we get internet. When that happens, David will do some magic and I’ll be able to call the United States. And you’ll be able to call us. And get this - it’ll be just like calling us in Montana. Won’t that be great?

But the best part of our new phone? Yesterday David discovered how to watch television on the phone. Television! On our phone! And it even records programs for later viewing, which will come in very handy today when, say, I’m at work during the sumo tournament.

Maybe I’m starting to like this smart-alek phone idea.

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