Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Year in the Life of a Field: May

It was the type of day one might call a harbinger ... sunny, warm, muggy... A day that promises summer is coming, and that it is coming very, very soon. All that promise at nine o'clock in the morning was a bit much, but it was a beautful day for photographing the fields.

By the time I arrived at my chosen fields, they were already decked out in rice sprouts. Rice in Tokushima is planted in April or May. These fields which were bare a month ago were planted during Golden Week (April 30 - May 5) I wish I had a photo of that for you, but I was on vacation, and didn't get back to them until they looked like this:

A quick look back shws me just how fast things grow here. Last month this field was empty, and a mere two months ago, this area was full of carrots and cabbage. Or lettuce. Or kale. Something leafy. I am not so knowledgeable on veggies. Hey, I eat them (sometimes) what more do you want?

Last Saturday I stood in front of the fields. It has only been a couple weeks since they were planted. The the rice is still small.

I am curious about these canopies off to the side. It isn't rice, but the plants are still a small green blur, so your guess is as good as mine. Except in the case of people who garden, then your guess is a lot better than mine.

The following field is not my normal field for pictures, but things were happening. I stopped to ask if I could photograph them. The woman is Hori San, and she was overseeing a couple different tractors out on that bright Saturday morning. I am guessing this is the ploughing stage. I went to work for the day, and by the time I came back through on Tuesday, the whole area was full of rice.

Here is the field being flooded. I hadn't ever seen this before. So interesting!

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