Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19, or is 20?

All in all, I must admit there are worse places to spend the night. The International Terminal at the San Francisco airport is quiet, practically empty. The night cleaning crew is here, making the rounds, and a flight to Singapore left around 1:00 am. Since then at least I have managed a couple hours of sleep.

We are camped at an unused gate, sprawled on the floor. Then again, all the gates feel unused right about now - we had our pick of floor to sleep on. I’ve never been in an airport so quiet, so deserted. If it weren’t for the fact that no one has tried to kick us out, I’d think the place was closed for the night!

And then a luggage cart will slink past out the window.

Someone is going somewhere.

Wherever they’re going, it is not Japan. The next flight to Japan is the one we will be on to Osaka at 11:30 tomorrow morning. Or is that today already? The next two flights to Tokyo leave shortly thereafter.

So much for trying to hop an earlier flight. We’re on the earlier flight!

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