Monday, November 05, 2012

Japan may not have Halloween Oreos ...

... but it has this:

Pumpkin Kit Kats!

I know, the first time I saw them I was sceptical, too. However, upon further research (aka, devouring a bag of them), it turn out that they are delicious. 

Kit Kat flavours change seasonally. I have not been keeping up with them this year, although I did when I lived in Tokyo. It's a fun hobby - tasting the Japanese seasons through the lens of an American candy bar.

The winter season also brings another wonderful Japanese candy:

Little brandy-filled chocolates. There's nothing like sitting inside on a cold evening, drinking tea and partaking in a Bacchanalian revelry. As long as it's a Bacchus candy bar from Lotte. 

Candy capers capriciously across the concatenation of time.  
Quirky and curious;
Contemporary and classic;

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