Monday, March 25, 2013

One Year in the Life of a Field: March

I hear the gasps of surprise across the ocean. I can still hear you. Just because it's March, you think I wouldn't be posting about March? What's that? Is the Mayan calendar three months off? Does the end actually happen in March?

Oh, ye, of little faith! You need not worry from where tomorrow's blog post will come. I am so far behind in posting our adventures. I have at least three trips up two mountains, a visit to a tanuki shrine, getting a new visa, and - if the weather co-operates today - a trip to an island.

So, settle down. It's just a fluke.

And, rather like a fluke, this post will be small and flat (although I don't believe my blog is in the habit of sucking .... just what is it that flukes eat?).

My camera was running out of battery, so I only have two photos this month.

First, a newly harvested field. Earlier this week, I watched the farmers out harvesting the green leafy vegetables.

And, second, a close-up of the carrots. I have never watched a garden this closely before. It's rather neat to note its development.

Well, that's it for today. Soon, though, I'll post pictures of something less flat. Perhaps (for example), the mountains we've been climbing.

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