Monday, July 30, 2012


I’m not sure I even know what to saw about the amount of eggplant we’ve been receiving at work. It’s in season and everyone, apparently, plants way more than they need. My solution is to plant less eggplant. But then, I do not like to eat eggplant.

I often take some from work in the name of experimentation and try to transform it into something edible - and transportable, as I would need to be able to give it away!
In the end, I made some amazing eggplant bread (if I do say so myself). Here is the last one all wrapped up and ready to give to my landlady. Of course, if she likes it too much, you know what will happen (see the carrot entry)!

Waiting for the oven!
I then tried to make eggplant chips. I found several recipes, which seemed good. Some people got their chips crispy, but I never did. I think I might have to take the suggestion of one cook and let the eggplant sit in the fridge for an hour or longer to draw the moisture out. Everyone else recommended much less than an hour but that didn’t seem to work.
Good thing eggplant is still in season. I can keep experimenting! 

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