Sunday, July 08, 2012

Photos from Tokushima

On my days off, we often go walking through Tokushima. Here are a few random shots of our neighbourhood in the summer. It's the rainy season here, which doesn't mean it rains everyday, but it means that the days are cloudy, hot and extremely humid. Although, sometimes it does rain fast and furious, like the typhoon of a couple weeks ago.

Hydrangeas are a symbol of Japan's rainy season,  but they always remind me of my best friend.

Near our home is this shrine which appears to be no longer in use, but I don't know the story behind it yet.

Before the typhoon the hollyhocks on my way to work were, as seen here, around six feet tall. Now, though, only a couple stalks are as tall as they were in this photo. Most of them were knocked in half.

Sometimes, however, we stay in and David experiments with floating yen on a cup of water...

or with the camera and a flashlight.

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