Friday, July 06, 2012


Our student the farmer is at it again. As it is, our fridge and freezer are full still of her corn and edamame and cucumbers and tomatoes. Then yesterday she brought a fruit I’ve never seen or even heard of.  It’s called Yamamomo in Japanese: 山桃. Literally, Mountain Peach, although it’s not actually a peach. It does, however, prefer to grow on mountains. And I found that it is a delicious little thing, but tricky.

I forgot to take a picture before I began cooking them. Oops.
I hope you can see them all right..

Yamamomo, how do I describe you?

With the tartness of rhubarb,
and the colour of a raspberry,
With the shape of a lychee,
and the pit of a cherry:

I am intrigued.
I am curious.

I may even be a convert.

But my kitchen is stained from the pain of your seed:
Red juice spoiling my clothes and my mood.

I am determined.
I am frustrated.

And I have to leave for work.

You have won, little berry.

For now.

But I will be home early tonight. And then... watch out! It’s into the oatmeal and brown sugar with you.

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