Saturday, August 18, 2012

A new stove!

A couple weeks ago we invited my co-workers and landlady over for dinner - it was great fun. But upon seeing our single gas burner being called upon to feed the crowd, our landlady said, "I have a bigger stove - do you want it?"

Do we want it?? All I could say was, "Halleluia!"

And when it arrived, I was even happier - it even has a broiler! Now we can cook fish, too! Look at how big it is: We can now cook spaghetti and sauce at the same time. Or potatoes and meat for shepherd's pie at the same time. Or, really, just about anything... as long as we don't need to bake.

It displaced our toaster oven, so now we have to figure out what to do with that.

A slightly older addition to our kitchen arrived a month ago and I've just been too lazy to photograph it, but David put a lot of work into it, so I had better tell the world how wonderful my husband is.

This time, Midori San (whose house is a phantasmagoria of stuff both new and used) offered us a bookshelf. I love bookshelves! But, it turned out to be a tall cabinet with a glass door, more suitable for dishes and such, so we planned to filled it plates, cups, and wine bottles.

First, however, it needed cleaned and also for David to take it apart and fix it. I came home from work one night to this on the floor:

He had glued the door all back together where it was falling apart. And the door is square now; the rest still... isn't. He's rightfully proud of himself for the following scene:

Now it stands in our kitchen proudly displaying our Miffy the Rabbit and Rilakkuma the Bear dishes (cartoon characters famous in Japan which decorate our free dishes from Midori San).

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Lots of lovely home-making!