Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Yoshinogawa Festival

I promised more photos of a festival, and I promised to be wearing a yukata. Well, the yukata didn’t happen this time. I was late coming home from work, and with no time to shower, I didn’t want to put on a lovely summer kimono and ruin it with my sweat. It was a busy weekend, and it has, apparently, been an even busier week since then. Already more than a week has passed since taking these photos at the Yoshinogawa Festival with my landlady and her husband.

In order not to delay any further, I'll just post the photos, and promise more to come: next weekend is O-Bon, the summer holiday during which the biggest festival in Tokushima (Awa O-Dori) takes over the city.

 Until then, here are some snippets of my favourite time of year.

The festival featured a "rent-a-grill" Japanese BBQ area...

.... which we utilised!

I love watching fireworks in Japan.

Thanks to David, now you can watch them, too!

In the crowd.

Our landlady, Midori-san.

It's oknomiyaki on a stick!!
My favourite Japanese food has just become my favourite "fair food."

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