Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random snapshots of daily life

A Tokushima sunset.

UI classrooms at night.
Rooms from the left: Lobby, Ikue, Ghen-ki, me
Even when there is no festival happening, the downtown is
full of colourful lights.

Tokushima hosts an LED light festival every couple years.
This bridge is always in the festival mood.

David loves these little frogs. 
This was Tokushima getting ready
for the Awa Dance festival.
Walking along the river.

Pumpkin bread made from Japanese kabocha -
I didn't realise it would be so good!
The ever -present vegetables...

And one strange Japanese
edible that is usually eaten
with somen. I would
expound on that if I could
remember anything more
than somen is a type of
Japanese noodle dish.

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