Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer crafting

You know that thing you’ve always wanted to do, but were afraid it’s too difficult/ hot/ dangerous/etc.?

Yes, I mean glassblowing. And it turns out, it’s not too anything, except maybe too much fun and I can’t wait to go back.

Of course, by “not too difficult,” I mean it was not too difficult to have the instructor helping me, hand over hand, while I desperately prayed not to drop the glass into the furnace.

And by “not too hot,” I mean the studio offered air-conditioned benches. In the picture of David, there is a grey tube pointed down his neck - that’s his own personal cooling system.

And by “not too dangerous,” I mean we were covered in heavy aprons and gloves and all manner of protective clothing.

The Tokushima Civic Centre operates a small glassblowing studio where anyone can take a try at making their own glassware. Or, if one prefers design over construction, the studio also offers sandblast etching, fused glass plate-making, and sand casts of your baby’s feet or paws.

I’ve long known glass making was in my blood. My grandfather worked until retirement for a glass factory which produces windshields. My great-great grandfather crafted blown glass items. Glassblowing is a family tradition I hope I will be able to continue to uphold.

This excursion was the highlight of summer vacation. A huge thank you to my co-worker Ikue both for taking us and for translating the tricky bits. And a huge thank-you to her mother who works at the studio and gifted us with the opportunity to create our fused glass plates.

When can we go again???

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